Eddy Bacon

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I am a self-taught developer looking for my first professional role withing the industry.
I am an avid learner and wish for nothing more than to persue my passion for a living. I spend 90% of my free time learning development.
I am open to learning new languages, frameworks and concepts. I am always looking for new opportunities to learn and grow.

Programming Experience

Python: Self Taught

Nov 2020 - Present

Created various analysis, automation and crypto trading tools. I feel quite comfortable with Python, and have gained a good understanding of creating functions, classes, methods and packages.
Technologies that I used to varying degrees for such projects:

Flutter: Self Taught

Feb 2022 - Present

Building basic Android apps, from game companion apps, to custom calculators for my current workplace, to basic casino-style games.

I feel I still have a way to got to with Flutter, but I am enjoying every moment of the learning process and wish to become very acquainted with the framework.

I have a fundamental understanding of:

Code 101 Bootcamp: Tech Educators

June 2022

Learned and practiced the fundamentals of HTML and CSS (This document has been created with HTML/CSS)

Work Experience

Molding Technician: Bowles & Walker Plastic Injection Moulding

Aug 2020 - Present

Responsibilities include:

Inspector and Stock Control: Microcut Precision Engineering Ltd

Feb 2019 - Feb 2020

Responsibilities include:

Customer Service Manager: Coral Bookmakers

Jul 2018 - Feb 2019

Responsibilities include:

Circus Performer: Self Employed

Sep 2014 - Jul 2018

Responsibilities include:

Customer Assistant: Spar

Jan 2014 - Sep 2014

Responsibilities include:

Utilities/Engineering Assistant: Baxter Healthcare Ltd

Dec 2011 - Sep 2012

Responsibilities include:



Functional Skills



Wayland Community High School

Sep 2006 - June 2011

Circus Space: Circus Training

Sep 2012 - Jul 2013